To find out more about the Iowa caucuses, check out some of the following sources:

The Republican Party of Iowa

The Iowa Democratic Party

Iowa Public Radio is exploring the importance of Iowa and documenting the 2020 race in a new podcast, Caucus Land.

To find out more about Des Moines and the caucus, visit the Iowa Caucus Consortium.

Democracy in Action tracks past elections, staffing, and candidate visits.

For a brief history and stunning historical photos, the Des Moines Register is the place to go.

The Des Moines Register created the Three Tickets podcast in 2015, explaining the role of Iowa and how it became first-in-the-nation.

For the true lover of politics and musical theatre, the original cast recording of Caucus! The Musical can be purchased on Amazon.

For the reader, check out the following books about the Iowa caucuses:

Dennis Goldford and Hugh Winebrenner.  2010.  The Iowa Precinct Caucuses:  The Making of a Media Event.  Iowa State University Press.

Rachel Paine Caufield.  2016.  The Iowa Caucus.  Arcadia Publishing.

David Redlawsk, Caroline Tolbert and Todd Donovan.  2010.  Why Iowa?  How Caucuses and Sequential Elections Improve the Presidential Nominating Process.  University of Chicago Press.

Timothy Hagle.  2012.  Riding the Caucus Rollercoaster.  CreateSpace Independent Publishing.

Dave Price.  2013.  Caucus Chaos.

John C. Skipper.  2009.  The Iowa Caucuses:  First Tests of Presidential Aspiration, 1972-2008.  McFarland and Company.

Christopher Hull.  2008.  Grassroots Rules:  How the Iowa Caucus Helps Elect American Presidents.  Stanford University Press.