Yang Warms Up a Crowd on a Cold January Night

Posted: January 19, 2020 | By: Savannah Prescott Tagged: Blog

DES MOINES, Iowa – Elon Musk has endorsed him, some want his Freedom Dividend and others are skeptical as to how he’s going to pay for it all. Andrew Yang took to the stage in Parent’s Hall at Drake University on Monday, Jan. 13. The event happened to fall on Yang’s birthday and seemed to be a last-ditch effort to garner support before the caucuses on Feb. 3.

Supporters had a variety of campaign swag but the most notable and widespread is the lapel pin with four simple letters: MATH – Make America Think Harder.

January in Iowa can chill you to the bone but Yang brings an energy that warmed the crowd. Yang touched on topics such as his family, his entrepreneurial background and his climb to where he is today. For a moment, I felt like I was at a self-help conference as Yang looked to the crowd to echo his inspiring, yet empty talking points. A smile crossed his face as they chanted, “We want Andrew!”

Yang has allegedly begun to give the dividend to a select few on the campaign trail. Speakers were strategically placed before him in the line-up to preach their gospels about how Yang had changed their life with his Freedom Dividend.

The testimony of the Freedom Dividend came from Yang supporter, Kyle Christiansen. Christiansen claimed an extra one thousand dollars a month helped his family after a multitude of health-related issues. Christiansen claims the Freedom Divided allows him to, “get back into his hobbies.”

Yang explained how the Freedom Dividend would pay for itself but I did not walk away with a clear understanding of his claims. Yang’s website claims the dividend would be possible with the “consolidation” of different welfare programs paired with a ten percent Value Added Tax.

I had previously heard about the level of commitment that Yang’s supporters have to him but had not seen it for myself. The mood of the event was intense. There was a sense of urgency in the room that leads me to believe that the Yang Gang knows it is at the end of its road. The urgency could also be coming from the fact that Yang preaches that we will all lose our jobs to automation. 

The Yang Gang looked to him as a last hope of change, and if these supporters haven’t defected by now, I don’t see them doing it by the caucuses.

Ultimately, I walked away from the event curious about reading Andrew Yang’s book and looking him up on Youtube, but I did not walk away thinking that I wanted to trust this candidate as our Commander-in-Chief.