What Does the Older Generation Have to Say About the Candidates?

Posted: January 28, 2020 | By: Austin Sosbee Tagged: Blog

ALTOONA, Iowa — Amidst news coverage of candidates all around, I decided to sit down and talk with a group of my family members about what they had to say about the candidates. My aunt, sister, and I took a drive to get lunch one day and had a political discussion about the nomination process. My aunt and my sister don’t often get involved in politics and rarely discuss it with me. However, I quickly realized that my sister and my mother share similar views on the candidates.

I spoke with my aunt, basically going down the list, and she stated that Andrew Yang and Pete Buttigieg are good candidates and that she really has no problem with any of them except for one: former Vice President Joe Biden. This seemed a little odd for me considering that there is a significant amount of older people that are firm Biden supporters. Considering his target demographic are people like my aunt, I wondered where the disconnect had occurred.

The consensus between my sister and my aunt was that they are just tired of the same old stuff and they are ready for real change. I think that this is an important point to make when considering why his campaign and level of support has seemed to plateau. With recent polls suggesting that he is slipping from the lead spot in the primaries, maybe it is time for a restructuring of their strategy. What does this mean for the other candidates? Well, the consensus among the group again was that Sanders and Buttigieg are the clear front runners in their minds.

I asked about the two female candidates in the race to which they expressed that they are not particularly interested in the two candidates. I pressed further on this issues and asked why they were not as fixed on them as I thought they would be, but it turns out that they feel that Senator Warren is too radical for their moderate viewpoints and Senator Klobuchar is just not doing well enough for them to pool their support for her.

All in all, what does this mean for these candidates? Well, if Biden wants to get more support, he is going to have to change his stance and start convincing people that he is all in on real change. For the female candidates in the race, I think that Klobuchar needs to get more time on the media and become more vocal to pull more support. Warren going to have to find a way to center herself to attract more of the moderate caucus-goers. With tensions higher than they have ever been, it is now or ever for these candidates to make their final moves to drum up enough support to make a big statement on caucus night.