Warren Has a Plan for That

Posted: January 22, 2020 | By: Ben Sinnwell Tagged: Blog

MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa – On Jan. 12, Elizabeth Warren held a town hall at Fisher Elementary School. The small gymnasium of the elementary school was quickly filled with people eager to see Warren.  She brought along special guest Julián Castro, who had many of his own supporters in the crowd.

At the entrance to the schools, individuals who were interested in asking Warren a question were entered into a raffle. Before the event started, winners were selected and identified in the crowd so that questions could begin as soon as possible.  It was clear that the event was well orchestrated.

After a relatively quick speech from Warren about why she is running, she quickly turned toward questions from those attending. She wanted to get to as many questions as possible because these were the main focus of the event.

Most of her answers to questions, such as “How can your administration get more steady funding for the TRIO program?” were met with a response that began with “I have a plan for that!” The crowd would cheer after hearing her responses but I wondered, did she really have a plan for that or was she just a politician answering a question with another false promise?

A quick visit to her campaign website provided all the evidence I needed to believe she did indeed have a plan. From policies to rebuild the middle class to equal justice reform, she has an in-depth plan to tackle a wide breadth of issues. The wide variety of plans that she has prepared seems to exceed any of her competition seeking the Democratic nomination. Whether voters want to read a brief overview of an issue or her entire detailed policy, she has already made her plans available via her website.

Warren had more focus on answering voter questions during the event than other candidate’s events I have attended. For over an hour she met questions with thoughtful and thorough responses that were backed by one of her plans.

At the end of the event, her staff quickly organized the crowd into a singular “selfie” line, allowing families to go first. Staffers went through the line asking attendees to commit to caucus and help answer questions that they still might have. The town hall itself had many more staff and volunteers than other candidate’s events, showing Warren’s commitment to having a plan through the entire campaign process.

Warren is a candidate that is ready. Whether it is for climate change or education reform, she “has a plan for that”.