Unique Caucus Locations

Posted: January 22, 2020 | By: Matt Deike Tagged: Blog

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been making calls on behalf of the Iowa Republican Party to confirm caucus locations for Feb. 3. It’s not uncommon for sites to be at schools or event centers, but the Iowa Republican Party has found some exotic new places in 2020. Below are a few of the most exciting and unique caucus locations I called around Iowa that people will gather for the GOP.

Antique Acres

Antique Acres is located in Cedar Falls and is best known for its “Old Time Power Show” in August, which is dedicated to showing off antique machinery. A museum also at the location holds many antique collectibles such as old steam engines. This will be the precinct for cities such as Union, Washington, and Janesville.

Butcher Block Steakhouse

This precinct in Cedar Rapids serves USDA choice steaks. Butcher Block Steakhouse will also be serving up voters on Feb. 3 and also offer an “extensive wine list” and “excellent martinis” according to their website.

Cedar Rapids Ice Arena

Cedar Rapids 27th and 28th precincts will be held in an ice arena on caucus night. The ice arena holds over 3,800 seats and is home to the junior ice hockey team, the Cedar Rapids Rough Riders. The hockey team has a home game two days before caucus night.

Lee Stofer Music Repair Shop

Clinton County’s GOP will be rocking caucus night at their location at a music repair shop. The Eastern Iowa music shop specializes in selling tubas and also offers instrument cleaning services.

Dennis Campbell’s Farm Shop

This caucus location in Clinton is precisely as it sounds. This caucus location is on a farm in Grand Mound, Iowa. There is nothing like Iowa, like voting for presidential candidates while sitting on a farm.

I was surprised at how small businesses and community members volunteer to provide locations for the GOP caucus. Overall, four caucus locations are in someone’s house, and there is a handful of sites in small businesses. It shows how the Iowa caucuses really is a community effort for these events.