Tom Steyer Wishes He Was a Bulldog

Posted: January 28, 2020 | By: Sarah Herring Tagged: Blog

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa – On Jan. 13, I attended a house party for Tom Steyer in West Des Moines. When I entered the living room of the home, chairs had been set up in rows facing a stool where Steyer would sit in the very front. The host walked up to my friends and me and asked us to sit in the front row so we would have the best view. The homeowner then walked to the front of the room with Tom Steyer and began talking about how he met Mr. Steyer and his experience volunteering for NextGen America.

Mr. Steyer began speaking about his business and billionaire status. However, he began to share his backstory and his father’s experience as a prosecutor at the Nuremberg trials. Steyer then began to talk about the philanthropy work he has done and how he would use his experience to accomplish his goals if elected president. I was deeply impressed by the work he has done for philanthropies and he credited his wife for the work she has done to help him develop their nonprofit bank.

Steyer loved answering questions from the audience and had an exceptionally friendly personality. It was obvious he loves campaigning and speaking with voters to listen to their concerns and disillusionment with the current political status quo. He took questions from children in the audience and even sat on the floor to talk with kids about trees.

One woman raised her hand and shared with Steyer that she previously was a Booker supporter but was very upset that Booker had dropped out of the race that morning. She shared with Steyer that in the process of finding a new candidate to caucus for, she wanted to know how he would help people of color. The woman began to breakdown and Steyer asked her to come to the front of the room to offer her a hug of support. Steyer then went into detail of the work he has done to support underserved communities with his nonprofit bank and his wife, Kat Taylor, described how she operates their business and the racial makeup of the company.

When the Q&A session ended the audience was encouraged to form a selfie line. When it was my turn to meet Steyer, he shook my hand and asked for my name and age. I shared with him that I am a Drake student studying politics and strategic political communications. Steyer immediately congratulated me and shared with me how much he loves Drake’s political science program. “I wish I would have had the same opportunities Drake students have with the Iowa caucus when I was an undergrad,” Steyer said. Steyer then gave me a high five and thanked me for coming to his event and when I was walking away, he yelled, “Go Bulldogs!”