The Establishment’s Candidate

Posted: January 14, 2020 | By: Austin Sosbee Tagged: Blog

ADEL, Iowa—On Jan. 8, former Vice President Joe Biden held an event in Adel, Iowa, with former Secretary of State John Kerry. While former Vice President Biden himself was not in attendance, the event certainly did gather quite a crowd of anxious Iowans.

The event started off with a few other notable speakers aside from former Sec. Kerry, there was a junior senator from Tennessee, a house member, and as a special surprise visit from former Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack.

As a slight preface, before this event, I was not particularly a huge fan of Joe Biden as a candidate. However, I did feel something special with this event that was different than other events that I had been to. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that Sec. Vilsack came over to a group of us students and immediately started talking to us about our education and how we were doing, or perhaps it had nothing to do with that at all.

I, personally, went into this event with the thought that only established older democrats would be stumping for former Vice President Biden. However, I quickly noticed with the junior senator and the representative that was not going to be the case. They got up and immediately dove right into very eloquent speeches that exemplified why they are politicians at such young ages.

As I stood there, I immediately felt this sense of empowerment, and there was a bit of electricity in the air, furthermore a feeling that pushed me to consider him more as a candidate. Then after the two younger politicians spoke, the room grew silent, and the keynote speaker took the stand. As soon as former Sec. Kerry opened his mouth, the room became entranced with him, people locked eyes, and could not get enough of what former Sec. Kerry had to say. Over and over as he would pound the podium and he waved his political finger around, and the crowd ate him up. The man came with a purpose, and the man delivered. As someone who was a big fan of former Sec. Kerry, and his work, even as an already decided caucus-goer, I wanted to run out of the room and become a precinct captain for former Vice President Biden.

Multiple points throughout former Sec. Kerry’s speech, I felt that I had a conversation with him and that it was just him and me in the room. Largely, I feel that this had to do with the fact that there were probably no more than 50 people there. What does all of this mean? Well, former Sec. Kerry makes great points and had a great stump speech prepared for Biden.

After speaking to several people under the age of thirty about him, not a single one, was going to caucus for him. However, I think if you take a look at Biden’s stances on issues and what he has to bring to the table as experience, you may be surprised. In my opinion, especially as a young voter, I left the event with the thought that maybe the Democratic Party’s establishment may, in fact, have a sleeper candidate as their front runner. Perhaps, over the coming weeks and with the debate coming up on Drake’s campus, more young Iowan voters will begin to notice this “sleeper” of a candidate.