Taking Selfies are a Vital Part of Democracy

Posted: January 22, 2020 | By: Nicolle Dooley Tagged: Blog

DES MOINES, Iowa – Elizabeth Warren came back to Des Moines recently and appeared on the south side of Des Moines in a town hall. Prior to this event, I had never been to a candidate town hall before. This was a political event I would almost call fun. One thing about this event that made it even better was it was so Iowa and even more Des Moines specific.

The event kicked off with a local organizer, a city councilman, a state senator, and finally a local high school supporter. All four of these individuals gave testimonies as to why they are supporting Elizabeth Warren, which we’ve heard before. But, it was nice that they were locals and they were able to speak about why they support Elizabeth Warren and how that’s going to affect the lives of fellow Des Moines residents.

The crowd also responded really well to these individuals as the room was packed with hundreds of community members and students eager to hear about all of Elizabeth’s plans. Speaking about her plans she announced numerous times that “she has a plan for that.”

When the question and answer portion of the town hall began, Elizabeth was noticeably giddy to be in Des Moines. Anytime a person got up to ask a question, they would state their name and she would leap and excitably greet them back. It reminded me of how my grandmother greets me every time I walk in her door. The individuals asked questions that were close to their hearts like education, FDA regulations, political corruption, and foreign relations.

Each time someone asked a question, she thanked them profusely and began to answer the question with one of her many plans. Throughout most of her responses, there was a common thread: climate change. She mentioned it in at least half of her answers and spoke about how she would address it and how she would pay for the changes. There was also a sense of passion in her voice as she spoke about it. This was the case for all her answers. She answered every question with sincerity, and you could tell that she was serious about the messages she was preaching.

Out of all the candidates I’ve been able to see she has been one of the most personable and relatable. The way she introduced herself at the beginning of the town hall and shared her story with everyone there was something I have yet to experience. Most candidates share their background information, but she went in more depth and told us the circumstances that led to her to be this passionate about her policy changes. It felt like she took the time to really get to know her base and wanted to interact with everyone in the room.

My favorite part of the event was when Elizabeth Warren called taking selfies “a vital part of democracy” and invited everyone in the room to take a selfie with her, which led to a hundred-person line waiting to take a selfie with the candidate herself. All in all, she was one of the most energetic candidates I’ve ever seen and I can see why her followers are so loyal. She is a passionate speaker that can relate to many different people in a room.