Potential “First Gentleman” Visits Drake

Posted: January 19, 2020 | By: Ben Sinnwell Tagged: Blog

DES MOINES, Iowa – Leading up to the final democratic debate, Pete Buttigieg’s husband, Chasten, came to Drake’s campus to talk on Pete’s behalf. Actress Mandy Moore, who has been stumping for Mayor Pete, accompanied Chasten on his visit.

Chasten arrived at the small gathering, making sure to say hi to Drake’s live mascot Griff on his way in, and quickly got down to business spreading his message. Chasten began by addressing the values that are emphasized throughout the Buttigieg campaign and policy plans, those that stuck out to me were respect and belonging.

When asked about representing the LGBTQ community, Chasten was able to give his story of coming out and how times for the LGBTQ community have changed but are still at risk. He told of the fear that surrounds his own marriage under the current administration and the uncertainty of if it would remain protected by the federal government. 

One of the most powerful moments of his message was when he addressed the question of “why did you wait so long to come out?” with the reality of the question being “why did you wait so long to see if you lose everything?” Chasten told the crowd how fearful he was coming out and the fear of being accepted for who he was once he did, even mentioning trying to run away when he came out.

It was clear how personal this message and story are to Chasten and also to the Buttigieg campaign. Creating a countrywide atmosphere of respect and belonging for all people are part of the message that they are bringing wherever they go. Chasten also mentioned reversing the targeted rules and laws that exclude LGBTQ groups such as President Trump’s ban of trans people in the military.

Chasten ended with a strong message, “You may not be for us but we are for you.” He explained this by telling the crowd that just because they may not support the Buttigieg campaign, they would still support everyone through respect and ensuring that everyone felt they belonged. It was clear by the end of Chasten’s visit to Drake that a Buttigieg presidency would be one of inclusiveness and respect for all people.