Marianne Williamson Not Fit for Office

Posted: January 15, 2020 | By: Nicolle Dooley Tagged: Blog

On Jan. 9, Vote for the Common Good, a nonpartisan organization, held an issue-based town hall at Franklin High School. The words Faith, Hope, and Love were spread across the room as the focus of the night’s events was how to reach faith-based voters. The town hall was put on by Vote for the Common Good, an organization that emphasizes voting in hopes of a better future and encourages people to “wake up, and speak up, and stand-up” for issues that are weighing on their hearts.

The room was filled with an interesting crowd. A mixture of Drake students, young adult voters, older Americans, and a surprising amount of Booker supporters, despite him not making an appearance at the event. The event featured presidential candidate Marianne Williamson. Sadly, the potential support she drummed up at the event was short-lived as she announced the following day that she was suspending her campaign because she did not want to take away supporters from other presidential candidates.

During her panel session with Vote Common Good, she emphasized her message of love and peace as she has been throughout her campaign. One of the mediators at the beginning of the session identified Marianne as a spiritual leader during the race for the presidency and asked her how her faith interconnects with politics in which Marianne replied “their disconnection today is an aberration in American history…when these two groups disconnected which happened in a lot to do with the assassinations of [the 60’s and 70’s] and this disconnection is the aberration.” This answer was similar to the answers the Marianne gave all night. Answers that never quite answered the question and never showed the audience what she wanted to accomplish once she was in office. However, a question was directly asked about her policies and she has a shockingly long list of things she wanted to accomplish including an office for peace policies, a children’s rights center, and many other policies. Prior to her answering this question I did not think she had any policies in mind for if she got into office. She had instead seemed like an optimist who was about to get a big hit of reality. Luckily for her and her campaign, she stepped down before the race got even tougher for her.

This was my first Williamson event and prior to this event, I had never heard of Marianne Williamson. Based on the questions I heard her answer, it became obvious to me that she is not a candidate I would want to vote into office. She was a very eloquent speaker and at some points during the event she was able to captivate the audience, but overall, she did not have the power that is needed to be President of the United States. In her past, she unsuccessfully ran for California’s House of Representatives as an Independent. She’s made a name for herself by acting as a spiritual advisor, author, and activist. While those make her successful, I don’t think it qualifies her to be the 45th president of the United States. While not every candidate has had a political background (see our current president), even without political experience she doesn’t seem like the candidate who would be able to represent the American people in political or foreign tension. I am all for a woman in office, I just don’t believe Marianne Williamson would have been the woman to do it, which is why her campaign was so unsuccessful.