Eternity at a Staging Location

Posted: January 19, 2020 | By: Zoe Treibitz Tagged: Blog

I’ve been sitting in this staging location for as long as I can remember. A time before then has never been, and a time after now will never be. This staging location is my new home, and the people here are arguably my new family at this point. When I agreed to this job, I had no idea what it meant to be staging location leadership, or what a staging location even was.

To take it back a step, a staging location is a headquarters for volunteers to work out of in different areas around the state. They, I have found, are very representative of the neighborhoods they reside in. The people I work with and the volunteers that come in are some of the kindest, most neighborly people I’ve ever met in my whole life – maybe it’s because I am from the east coast, but it’s something that people won’t see on tv. This cannot be shown more clearly than merely knowing the actual physical place that I’m sitting in for our “staging location.” 

The staging location for Beaverdale is Ibson Law. It’s not a campaign office. It’s just a local law firm. The owners are community members who are willing to let volunteers stomp through their office on weekends. They believe in the movement enough to contribute their office to the campaign. I’ve been sitting in a law office, as supportive neighbors bring us cookies every once in a while, as the men who work with me and live two streets over hug everyone who comes in, and I don’t mind sitting here for the 100 hours, I’ll be here.