Establishment Speakers for Biden

Posted: January 14, 2020 | By: Stefan Abbott Tagged: Blog

ADEL, Iowa- On a Wednesday afternoon, Adel residents, many seniors, gathered in the Adel Family Fun Center to attend a “We know Joe” Biden event. Now, this was no rally, it was simply another community event for politicians to make their mark on Iowa on the road to caucus season. What made it unique was not politicians speaking to possible voters in a small bowling alley, but the speakers themselves.

The “We Know Joe” event did focus on Joe Biden but did not actually involve him. Instead, the event had the unique strategy of hosting four speakers who were willing to vouch for Biden and speak genuinely while doing so. Specifically, two senators, former Iowa governor, and former Secretary of State John Kerry came to vouch for Joe Biden as an experienced and empathetic person.

The first speaker, a Tennessee senator said she had come because she believes strongly in the importance of the Iowa caucuses and the importance of the upcoming general election. She emphasized, to the approval of the audience, the importance of having a stable leader, such as Biden, who understands the job and has extensive experience in politics for the person elected president. On the other hand, the other senator decried the political, racial, and sexual divisions he believes the current president is creating and therefore had come all the way from Pennsylvania, his constituent state, to put his support behind Biden as a moderate candidate to unite the country.

The third speaker and the main event was longer and well put together speech by former Secretary of State John Kerry. Interestingly, Mr. Kerry chose to make an emphasis on Biden’s ability to empathize with others and his experience through the current Iran conflict. To do this, he first introduced the subject of Iran by deriding the decision by the current president to back out of the treaty to restrict the country’s uranium refining among other things. He then laid out the consequences of this in a logical manner leading up to the current situation asking; “what did the president expect to happen?” Here he guaranteed that knowing Joe Biden from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, this would never have happened had Biden been in charge.

Next, he appealed to the audience’s emotion by recounting the story of how Joe Biden lost his family in a car accident which he picked himself back up from, only for his next family to have lost a son. Here Mr. Kerry reconnected to his Iran current events thread by assuring the audience that since these horrible events have occurred in Biden’s life he can empathize with losing family in tragedy, making him a more hesitant and careful leader than the current president. Finally, Mr. Kerry capped of the speech by appealing to Joe Biden’s viability as a candidate saying he has such a chance of winning that “Trump was willing to commit a series of crimes to get dirt on him” and reassuring the audience that in a Biden presidency “there will be no whiff of scandal.”

Though John Kerry’s speaking skills were certainly excellent something seemed off about the event. For one thing, though the speeches made about Biden said much of his character, being there might have been more in the spirit of the caucuses. Another more concerning issue was the almost complete lack of policy and examples of how Joe brings people together. Ironically, the speakers made speeches centered on unity which spent much time defining an enemy in the president. This is a complete waste of time as Democrats have already made it manifestly clear they do not like the president. It would have been far more engaging to hear what Biden’s unique ideas are and how exactly he plans to reunify the country since just becoming president doesn’t solve that issue.