Caucus for Ashton Kutcher

Posted: January 28, 2020 | By: Sarah Herring Tagged: Blog

DES MOINES, Iowa – The State Historical Museum of Iowa hosted a “History on the Rocks: Caucus and Cocktails” event on Jan. 23 which included a free entry for students, a tour of the C-SPAN bus, and a mock caucus of Iowa celebrities. Food for the event included a nacho bar, cookies, hot cocoa, and beer. Attendees could also make buttons for the Iowa caucus or in honor of the 19th Amendment.

The first fifty people at the event had the opportunity to step onto the C-SPAN bus to tour the vehicle, take pictures and quizzes, and film videos about the issues they want candidates to talk about. The Iowa State Historical Building has an exhibit honoring the Iowa caucuses which includes memorabilia of former campaigns such as buttons, posters, books, newspaper clippings and even former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper’s cycling shirt he used to campaign in the 2019 RAGBRAI. Museum-goers can take selfies with the 2020 candidates with miniature heads of each candidate and watch a short video about the significance of the Iowa caucus and how Iowa became first in the nation.

The event held both a Republican and Democratic mock caucus which attendees could choose between different Iowa entertainers instead of current candidates. Ashton Kutcher and Jason Mamoa tied for first in the Republican caucus. In the Democratic caucus, Ashton Kutcher, Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins, Jason Mamoa, and Brandon Routh were all viable candidates, while American Idol winner Maddie Poppe was not. The moderators for the evening explained how Democratic caucus worked and the new rule added this year which once a candidate is viable the group is locked in and cannot move. The moderators also briefly explained caucus math.

After the first round of the mock Democratic caucus, each candidate party could have one speaker from the group give a 30-second speech about their candidate and why the nonviable caucus-goers should join their candidate. This was the perfect opportunity for caucus night precinct captains to practice their stump speech. I was chosen to speak on behalf of Ashton Kutcher’s delegation which I got to yell about how amazing That ‘70s Show is and the work Ashton Kutcher has done to combat child sex trafficking.

Drake students in attendance had the chance to see the caucus process and student precinct captains also had the chance to practice their speeches for Drake’s own mock caucus and caucus day on Feb. 3rd. After the mock caucus, I got to color my own suffragette pin and walk around the lobby of the museum to see the different displays.