A Candidate who can Beat Donald Trump

Posted: January 14, 2020 | By: Nicolle Dooley Tagged: Blog

The Iowa caucuses are officially twenty-six days away. In less than a month the people of Iowa will decide who their most favored democratic candidate is. As the days are closing in on the start of the caucus and primary season, candidates have been making their way across the state, meeting and greeting the people of Iowa. On Jan. 8, former Secretary of State and 2004 Democratic nominee John Kerry visited a family fun center in Adel, Iowa, on behalf of Democratic candidate Joe Biden. While the candidate himself was not able to be there, individuals such as representatives from Tennessee and Pennsylvania spoke in favor of the former Vice President. The room was filled with attentive Iowans of all ages. Drake students and professors, fathers, mothers, veterans, and older citizens listened attentively as the former Secretary of State preached about the ability of the former Vice President to lead America to a better tomorrow.

However, this speech was different. It didn’t just discuss the hope that Biden will bring Medicare-for-all or the impressiveness of his resume. The real show stopper was Kerry’s discussion of Biden’s ability to clean up the mess that President Trump created with the attack on Iran. The room around fell quiet with every ear attentively listening to Kerry. The experience that Biden has in foreign relations was the focus of his delivery as he stated, “the road ahead is often defined by the road behind.” Biden was a part of the group that worked toward getting dangerous nuclear weapons taken off the table as Kerry referred to it as “dangerous weapons that were once off the table that Trump has now put back on the table.” The triumph in his voice was overpowering as he argued the ways that Biden would be able to not only protect our country after the danger that President Trump has put every citizen in but would also be able to rebuild relationships with the Iranian government. Kerry not only referencing the experience of Biden but also the inability of Trump to lead America out of this mess claimed that, “stupidity also has consequences” as he preached about the safety that American’s deserve and the only candidate that can deliver that is Biden.

He not only can challenge Trump in the polls but is the only person with the ability to strike fear into the current president. Kerry made this point evident by telling potential voters that Trump risked his presidency to find information that could take down Biden and those actions should show voters that the only Democratic candidate that has the potential to beat the current president is Biden. At this point in the event, the atmosphere in the room had changed. At one point it was slow, but with the rising passion in Kerry’s voice, the room became invested in every word he was saying and growing support for Biden could be felt within the walls of Adel. Joe Biden, in the eyes of John Kerry, is the only president with the resume and experience to truly stand up to Donald Trump in the polls, win the Democratic nomination, and eventually beat Trump in the general election.