80 Percent on C-SPAN Bus Quiz

Posted: January 28, 2020 | By: Darby Holroyd Tagged: Blog

All over social media, Drake University advertised a bus that would be arriving on campus – not just any bus – the C-SPAN bus. For my J-term class, we were instructed to go and take a picture with it. As the large bus sat in the Olmsted parking lot around 2:00 pm, several people began to approach and figure out, not only what it was, but why it was on campus at all. After my own research, I learned that the C-SPAN bus travels the nation to promote learning and attention to the accessibility to the political process through its particular network.

Once I walked up to the colorful bus, it started to move in my direction. I moved so that I did not get literally hit by a bus. A lady then walked out to let me know that they would be moving to the other part of the lot. As we walked with her, she explained what they were doing in Des Moines, specifically Drake University, and where they would be going for the remainder of their trip. She asked my small group about what we are studying and what class we were currently enrolled in that brought us to her bus. She then offered for us to get a tour of their bus. I genuinely did not understand what was appealing about the interior of a large bus, but my perception was quickly changed.

As we stepped into the bus, we noticed approximately ten tablets and an entire film studio in the back. The tablets included news from C-SPAN, a large majority focusing on the impeachment and the Iowa caucus. The tablets promoted short quizzes that everyone was able to take and test their knowledge about presidents, general political history, and much more. I took two of their quizzes, scoring 80 percent on the first one. The lady walked up to me after I took the quiz and informed me that middle schoolers, on average, ace them. The timing was what made it sting.

Another aspect of touring the bus was the selfie corner. It was decked out with a microphone, a chair, and a TV screen background. Next to that, a C-SPAN employee was interviewing students about what matters most to them in the caucus. A few of my classmates participated in this and gave their piece on what they are looking for in a candidate.

As we left the bus, we were handed pocket constitutions and C-SPAN pens. Overall, it was the most impressive bus interior I have ever seen in my life. It was wrapped beautifully and stacked with tablets, swag, selfie stations, and a news corner. I thoroughly enjoyed my time inside of the C-SPAN bus and talking with the employees. Their mission of communicating with younger people about political accessibility is incredibly important and noble.