Who will get the three tickets out of Iowa?

Posted: December 4, 2019 | By: Samantha Bennett Tagged: Blog

As February grows closer, the presidential race is getting tighter. As shown in a New York Times chart, thirteen candidates have dropped out so far, and only fifteen candidates remain. This past week, three candidates dropped out of the race: Joe Sestak, Steve Bullock, and Kamala Harris. In the next two months before the Iowa caucus, even more candidates will be dropping out as the race is becoming more real. It is said that only three candidates get a ticket out of Iowa, and judging by polling numbers and support currently, I think those three candidates will be Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, and Pete Buttigieg.

One reason I think Elizabeth Warren is likely to be one of the three candidates out of Iowa is because of her ability to appeal to both young and old voters. All ages of women obviously are especially supportive of her in hopes that our country will finally have its first woman president. The media supports her as well which is helpful in any campaign. She speaks with a passion that a lot of voters can get behind, and has made a huge effort to spend a lot of time in Iowa. She may be too progressive to gain Republican support, but in terms of the Democratic caucus, I think she will do well.

Biden will also likely get a ticket out of Iowa because of his ability to get the nomination and possibly beat President Trump if he receives the nomination. He is well-known and he is already able to prove what he can accomplish after being vice president. He was loved in the media during that time as well, and this has continued. He hasn’t put in as much effort in Iowa as the other candidates, but this is because he doesn’t really have to. He is probably going to get a ticket out of Iowa regardless of his effort just because people know that he’d be able to make it far in the presidential race.

Lastly, Pete Buttigieg will get a ticket because he has gained so much support in Iowa. This is because of his ability to be able to appeal to independents by being open-minded rather than attacking the other side. He was mayor in another Midwest town, so he knows the interests of Iowa first hand. He has had a recent surge in voter support in Iowa, and this support does not seem to be slowing down. It is unclear whether people think he’d be able to beat President Trump, but he definitely has a chance at winning Iowa.

There is still much time between now and the caucus, so who knows what the race will look like by then. But as of right now, I think these three candidates have a great shot at getting a ticket out of Iowa.