Thoughts on Kamala Harris: Follow-up interview

Posted: December 7, 2019 | By: Samantha Bennett Tagged: Blog

A little over a month ago, I interviewed Darby Holroyd about her thoughts on Kamala Harris’s campaign and its strategy. She had worked on the Harris campaign this past summer and continued to volunteer for the campaign during the fall semester. Shortly before I last talked to her, an article came out claiming that Harris’s campaign was soon coming to an end. This was because she was cutting much of her staff in New Hampshire, Nevada, and California and reducing the salaries of some of her staff members. Her campaign was trying to stop itself from falling apart from its lack of funds, and it was unclear at the time what the outcome would be. I asked Holroyd about the contents of the article and she strongly disagreed that Harris’ campaign was close to over.

On Tuesday, December 3rd, it was confirmed that Kamala Harris has suspended her campaign for president. She stated that this was due to her lack of funds to be able to continue, meaning that her strategies must not have worked out. Her campaign started strong with many people immediately supporting her main goal of getting President Trump out of office, but she could not fund her campaign alone. Because she didn’t raise enough money, her campaign fizzled out, leaving her supporters shocked and upset.

After hearing the news, I wanted to hear what Darby had to say about it. She was a very passionate supporter who I’m sure was disappointed when she heard. When I asked her how she felt after she found out, she said, “heartbroken,” and that she “felt a mixture of anger and sadness.” She worked very hard for the campaign and it was sad to see it end after all of their hard work.

I also asked why she thought someone who had such an exciting campaign was not getting the funding she needed. She said, “When it starts getting closer to the caucus you have to ramp up your funding. You can’t stay stagnant, and I think that we weren’t pulling in as much because her campaign wasn’t big on reaching out to supporters for funding.” Darby thinks that if Kamala would have had a better amount of funding, she 100 percent could have gotten the nomination. She also thought Kamala would have gotten one of the three tickets out of Iowa because of her hard work and her ability to bridge gaps between the two parties.

As far as Kamala endorsing another candidate, Darby said, “I think that if she’d endorse anyone she’d endorse Cory Booker, but I don’t think Booker is going to stay in the race too much longer. I think at the end of the day she will support whoever does get the nomination.” Regardless of the outcome of Kamala’s campaign, Darby thinks that her work was definitely worth it. She said, “We are all proud of the work we’ve done for Kamala’s campaign, the strides we were able to make, and the people we were able to energize. I don’t regret a single second of it.”