What’s next for Kamala Harris?

Posted: November 3, 2019 | By: Samantha Bennett Tagged: Blog

A recent  Politico article claimed that the Kamala Harris campaign has been cutting much of its staff around the country including New Hampshire, Nevada, and California. The campaign has also been relocating much of its staff to Iowa in an attempt to save her campaign from its lacking funds, which are limiting her ability to be a competitive presidential candidate. Along with this, her campaign manager is cutting his own budget and is planning on reducing the salaries of other employees as well.

It seems that the campaign is using these strategies to save her campaign from falling apart. According to Politico, Harris has held less than ten fundraisers during the month of October. The few fundraisers may not give her enough money to propel her campaign through the early primaries and caucuses. According to an Oct. 27 poll also from Politico, Harris is continuing to drop and is now polling at around 6%.

But what does this mean for the Harris campaign? Will she be able to come back from the lack of funding? Can she make it through the early primaries and caucuses if she doesn’t raise a significant amount of money? There is still time, but her budget cuts and relocating of staff will have to make a great impact to ensure that she is still a serious competitor. Politico seems to think that this may be the end for her, but I wanted to get the perspective of someone associated with Harris’s campaign.

Former Harris campaign employee and current campaign volunteer Darby Holroyd disagrees with these claims. When asked her opinion on the content of the Politico story, she said, “Kamala Harris has an overarching goal within this election – get Donald Trump out of office in 2020. She recognizes the power Iowa has in determining this and had to realign the campaign accordingly. I’m happy that she is spending more time in Iowa and showing how important we are to her and the future of this country.”

I also asked her if she thinks that this will be the end for Kamala Harris or if she’ll pull through after the changes the campaign is making. Holroyd said, “I believe she’ll pull through. We have 96 days until the caucus and we are just as excited as ever. The realignment of the campaign also gives us more staff in Iowa. This way we can expand our efforts, events, things along those lines. She spent 15 days here in October. She is dedicated and so is her campaign.” 

After talking to Holroyd, it is clear that the campaign is not ready to give up yet, and that this may not be the end for Harris after all.