Washington Post Interview

Posted: November 13, 2019 | By: Tanner Halleran Tagged: Blog

On Monday night, I was on a student panel with five other Democratic students from Drake. I’ve done interviews before and appeared on national television twice so I wasn’t nervous but knew that this interview would be appearing on Snapchat instead of in print or on traditional media. When I got to the Reading Room in Cowles Library, I was surprised to see that the ‘set’ wasn’t traditional either; two tables were pushed together and we were told to sit on top with a standard camera and photography light pointed at us.

Two women were in charge of asking questions and producing the whole thing. Traditionally, too, each person would get a mic but at this interview, we each passed around a personal mic that one would clip onto a lapel. After we figured out the microphone situation, we were told that our target demographic was 13 to 26-year-olds throughout the world.

The questions were relatively straightforward and I was happy that this interview was more casual and informal than others I’d done. It was odd just sitting on the table next to everyone else but it was kind of fun. One of the first questions, probably as it is fairly relevant to this week, was why Iowa should be first compared to other states. I have a strong sense of pride for Iowa, as a native, so I was glad to see that they asked this question as I think it ultimately reinforces why Iowa should remain first.

Other questions focused on why youth should vote, who each of us supported and why, and ultimately our speculations as to what will happen on February 3rd, 2020. Overall the interview lasted 45 minutes and was pretty fun with many laughs shared among the interviewers. I can’t wait to watch the Washington Post’s Snapchat discover story and randomly find myself on there one day. I ultimately think the highlight of the night was being able to reference the “ok, boomer” meme.