Lindsey Graham at Drake University

Posted: November 14, 2019 | By: Samantha Bennett Tagged: Blog

On Nov. 9th, Senator Lindsey Graham and former U.S. Representative David Young spoke at Drake University’s Reading Room to converse with conservative students. Graham delivered a 20-minute speech and then answered audience questions for 20 minutes. Along with a couple of other students, I helped with checking people in and screening audience questions submitted on paper beforehand.

When the event started, David Young first spoke to introduce himself and welcome Lindsey Graham. Graham had been at the Lincoln-Reagan Dinner the night before but also wanted to come to the university to talk to students directly. He chose to speak with conservative students to fire up their support and predict what they would see in the next year.

At the same time that this event was going on, Senators Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hosted an environmental summit. Because of the proximity of a contrasting event, Graham spent some of his time talking about the dangers of socialism. He declared that socialism would never work in Iowa, or in this country. Iowa especially has interests that would not work with socialism. He talked about the countries that have had socialism and why America is nothing like those countries.

Many people were also asking questions about Brett Kavanaugh and what his nomination could mean for future Supreme Court nominations. Graham thinks that this could suggest having a whole ordeal for every nomination in the future, which would lead to fewer people wanting to even be on the Supreme Court. It is normal for presidents to nominate people that go along with their political views, but now it will be a fight every time.

And with the recent Drake Student Senate decision to not approve a Turning Point USA chapter, Graham also talked about the criticism conservatives receive on college campuses. He thought that it wasn’t right a club to be disapproved based on the biased opinions of those who are supposed to be leaders on this campus. He ended the event by assuring conservative students that they have the right to have a voice on this campus. He said to not let the liberal students silence you. He strongly disagreed with Student Senate’s decision and told conservative students not to give up. Before he left, he made sure to say, “Don’t drink the kool-aid.”