Eating at Django with Guy Benson

Posted: November 21, 2019 | By: Samantha Bennett Tagged: Blog

Last week, College Republicans hosted Guy Benson in the Cowles Reading Room on Drake’s campus. Guy is a Fox News contributor and is also known for his book, End of Discussion, which he shamelessly promoted throughout the event. He came to talk about identity politics through the lens of a conservative millennial. Most of his discussion was about his experience being gay and conservative and why he should not be labeled liberal just because of his sexuality. He also talked about “cancel culture,” his opinion of Donald Trump, and he told some stories about other politicians.

The event was really enjoyable and successful. Many more people showed up than we expected and the crowd held very diverse opinions. Guy constantly had the crowd laughing and he was very respectful of the differing views in the room. It was exciting to finally have a conservative speaker on campus and have it go so well. After the event, the College Republicans executive council had the opportunity to go to dinner with Guy. Being the vice president, that included me.

We went to dinner at Django in downtown Des Moines. We all formally introduced ourselves to Guy and started to get to know each other. He wanted to know why we came to Drake, our majors, and other college student related questions. He said he really enjoyed being at Drake and joked that he hoped no one was coming to attack him. He was glad that the conversation and visit overall were so civil and that everyone was welcoming.

He told us about some of his experiences working for Fox News, being on podcasts, and other details of his career. We eventually started having more typical conversations when Guy talked about his love for The Great British Baking Show and any HGTV shows. I think my favorite part of the conversation was talking about the conspiracies surrounding Jeffrey Epstein. Guy assured us that he isn’t usually someone who believes in conspiracy theories, but he loves theorizing about that specific situation. Overall it was a great night and I’m so happy Guy was able to come to Drake. Having more conservative speakers on campus will help improve our political climate and bring diverse opinions to campus.