A Sad Day for Beto Supporters

Posted: November 7, 2019 | By: Samantha Bennett Tagged: Blog

The Liberty and Justice Celebration on November 1st was a huge event prefaced with rallies throughout downtown Des Moines. The celebration wrapped up in the Wells Fargo Arena with people filling the seats in the sections of the candidate of their choice. Around the hallways of the arena, campaigns were tabling and trying to gain support from those attending. The celebration was supposed to include fourteen candidates, however, earlier in the day Beto O’Rourke formally dropped out of the race on Medium.

The news was devastating to those at the event supporting O’Rourke. They showed up that day excited, expecting to hear him speak, and putting their all into making sure his campaign was present downtown. Instead, they received the opposite, and being around all of the other campaign rallies must not have made it any easier. I along with everyone else was wondering if Beto would still be speaking that night and what he would say to all of his supporters.

Before the event started, I was walking through the hallways checking out the setups of all the campaigns. There were people everywhere wearing campaign t-shirts, holding signs, and passing out buttons and other campaign gear. Then, there was the Beto table. It was abandoned and falling apart with a Kamala Harris supporter sitting in the chair just because the chair was open for use. I started noticing Beto supporters around the arena removing all the posters they had put earlier that day and throwing them in the garbage.

When the celebration really started, the openers continuously thanked Beto for all he’s done in his campaign and congratulated him on his hard work. Beto did not come to speak that night which was expected but also left his supporters feeling even more blindsided. Everyone was wondering why he was planning to come to the event in the first place if he was going to drop out of the race that day. Or, if he did know in advance, why did he wait to break the news after all of his supporters were already waiting to see him?

With the caucus getting closer and closer more candidates are bound to drop out of the race, and I think Beto dropping out is showing the voters that this race is really starting to get serious. These campaigns need to pull themselves together quickly if they want to get recognition before the caucus and gain one of the three tickets out of Iowa.