Two Cents on Warren’s Drake Town Hall

Posted: October 29, 2019 | By: Mallory McQueen Tagged: Blog

DES MOINES, Iowa — Last Sunday, October 20, Elizabeth Warren held a town hall at Drake Fieldhouse, a large practice facility used by student-athletes, on Drake University’s campus. A couple of friends and I decided to go check it out and take advantage of our close proximity to the Iowa caucuses as Drake students.

The event was projected to draw a large crowd, and it delivered, with every seat on the floor filled and a crowd of people standing around them. We got there relatively early because we at least wanted a seat, which we got in the middle of the crowd near the back. We filled the time waiting for Warren to come out by playing a Disney-themed version of Who Am I? for about forty-five minutes.

There was a wide variety of people at the event. Some were supporters, wearing Warren shirts and buttons and waving Warren signs wildly at statements they agreed with. Others, I’m sure, were there simply so they could say that they saw a presidential candidate speak in person. Regardless, people packed the fieldhouse to hear the presidential candidate speak.

Elizabeth Warren finally took the stage at the rally after a long wait to a warm welcome by supporters and attendees in Drake Fieldhouse. Warren began her time laying out her backstory to the crowd, sprinkled with jokes to keep the crowd engaged including one about the need to number her husbands. She spoke of her childhood when her family was in a financial crisis. They lost their car and were potentially going to lose their house, but her mother, determined to avoid foreclosure, went out into the workforce and found a job. She spoke about the cost of a college degree when she was young compared to what it is now, which garnered support from the many Drake students in the crowd. She also talked about her time as a teacher and recognized the teachers in the room. I always appreciate when people do this because teachers are some of the most hardworking people and they don’t get the kind of recognition they deserve.

After telling her backstory, she went on to throw out some of her campaign points including her intent to release plans on Medicare for All and public education, which she released shortly after the town hall. She spoke about her tax on the wealth plan, commonly referred to as her “two cents” plan. Before she got the chance to explain the details, supporters began to chant “two cents”, which was quite confusing to those who are not devout Warren supporters. She also declared that everyone in public office should have to release their tax returns which garnered support from the crowd as well. She ended the event by answering a few questions from the crowd and then got sent up for a long selfie line that wrapped around the fieldhouse. I assume that she stayed for pictures with everyone, though I can’t say for certain because I left after getting a picture with Warren and some other Iowa Caucus Project staffers.