The Attacks of the Fourth Democratic Debate

Posted: October 21, 2019 | By: Samantha Bennett Tagged: Blog

The fourth Democratic debate took place this past week. As always, the candidates spent their time during the debate attacking President Trump, attacking each other, and trying to get their ideas heard regardless of what the questions were. The thing that caught my attention the most while watching, as well as the attention of many others in the nation, was the number of times that Elizabeth Warren was attacked by the other candidates.

She was called out for her healthcare plan by Buttigieg and Klobuchar when she refused to say that taxes would go up for the middle class in her plan. She said that taxes would go up for the wealthy and corporations, but would not say the same for the middle class. This claim seemed unrealistic to the other candidates, and they thought that she wasn’t being honest about how taxes would likely go up for everyone. They did not hold back on their comments and questions about the plan.

She was also attacked for her plan on taxing the wealthy by Yang and O’Rourke. O’Rourke said that she has yet to lay out a clear layout for how her tax plan would actually work. Yang then said that from what she has talked about, plans similar to hers have been used in Germany, France, Denmark, and Sweden, and he claims that those plans have been repealed in all of those countries. I am not sure if this claim is true, but it set the tone for how her tax plan was perceived for the rest of the debate.

Almost every candidate had joined in by the time the debate was over. Throughout the debate she was continuously questioned about the topics and still did not give a clear answer. Klobuchar even went so far as to say that Warren was making Republican talking points, which is an interesting opinion to have on someone who claims to be leaning so far left. It was clear though that these attacks against Warren were well-rehearsed by the candidates. Talking points are always well-rehearsed, but I think every campaign had the same idea to attack Warren at this debate.

So what does this mean for Warren’s campaign? I think that this debate clearly showed how the rest of the candidates recognize that Warren is the frontrunner and that they were going to do whatever they could in this debate to attempt to bring her down. This will either hurt Warren’s campaign, or it will hurt the campaigns of those who spent their debate time attacking her. As the debates continue and the campaign trail goes on, we will see how these attacks will play out in the polls.