Rock Out with Your Caucus Out

Posted: October 28, 2019 | By: Kiley Roach Tagged: Blog

The Iowa Caucus is more than just a series of political events; it is a high-energy, eclectic, never-boring marathon that turns out the most unlikely characters. I’m not just talking about the locals, either. Celebrities and prominent social figures are equally enthralled by the spectacle that is the Iowa Caucus.

Concerts and rallies are not uncommon in Iowa, especially in the months leading up to the caucus. The Liberty and Justice Celebration, formerly known as the Jefferson-Jackson Democratic dinner, is one of these moments, and 2020 is no exception. The Des Moines Register reports that 14 candidates are scheduled to speak at the event, which turned out more than 6,000 people in 2015. This year’s celebration will be held November 1 at the Wells Fargo Arena and is anticipated to turn out even more voters than previous years.

Back in 2015, which feels like centuries ago at this point in the race, Hillary Clinton hosted a rally leading up to the Jefferson-Jackson Democratic dinner starring her husband and former President Bill Clinton and pop-star Katy Perry. Perry notably took over the candidate’s Instagram account on the day of the rally. Perry used her sphere of influence to inspire her fans (young people, in particular) to go out and caucus/vote for Clinton in the 2016 primary. Of course, Hillary Clinton went on to win the Iowa Caucuses over her primary challengers, and she eventually won the Democratic Party nomination.

The dinner also had historic implications for Barack Obama’s campaign in 2007. The Liberty and Justice Celebration is squaring up to be another historic and rowdy night for the fourteen candidates scheduled to speak.

For an event like this, the pregame is just as important as the party itself. Like Clinton’s Katy Perry concert in 2015, some of the 2020 candidates are preparing for a full-blown concert experience.

This time, however, it seems that it is the more unconventional candidates that are planning live music performances from big names. Andrew Yang, for instance, is calling his pre-Liberty and Justice Celebration rally, Yangapalooza after the famous Chicago-based music festival.

In a recent exchange of tweets, the lead singer of Weezer joked, “Would any of my musician friends like to join me for a set at @AndrewYang’s Nov 1 rally in Iowa?” The tweet appears to have been deleted, but not without causing an online uproar. One supporter also joked, “I’m officially going to Yangapalooza on November 1st. Who’s gonna be there #YangGang?”.

It will be interesting to see which celebrity names the other, more high-performing candidates will bring to Iowa on November 1, if any. Stay tuned for a follow-up of the Liberty and Justice celebration next week!