Taking the Street Fight to Trump

Posted: September 23, 2019 | By: John Altendorf Tagged: Blog

Cory Booker wants to take his street fight all the way to Donald Trump, but first, he needs to use the tactics he learned running for mayor of Newark, New Jersey in a battle for the Democratic nomination.

Last Wednesday, a group of around ten Drake students and one Booker campaign staffer grouped together around Pomerantz Stage in Drake’s student center to watch the documentary “Street Fight,” a 2002 film depicting then city councilmen, Cory Booker, in his campaign for mayor.

The Booker team has made this documentary a central element of their campaign strategy and the new Drake ad hoc organization, Bulldogs for Booker, used it to kick off their on-campus debut. Bulldogs for Booker leader and Drake sophomore Ireland Larsen believes the documentary viewing is the perfect way to show Drake students why they should get behind Booker because she believes it shows he has what it takes to take the fight to Trump in the general election.

Street Fight shows Booker experiencing uphill battles and challenges unique from any candidate in the field and his track record of hard-fought accomplishments is one of Larsen’s favorite Booker attributes. It shows that he has a strong background and can fight the fight. Larsen appreciates that the documentary shows Booker will knock every door and talk to every person necessary in order to win an election and she sees that being carried over to his presidential campaign style.

Larsen met Booker for the first time last May during a free event at the Des Moines Social Club while a plethora of candidates was in town and she said he has remembered her name ever since. Last week, she even got a call from Booker asking how her classes were going, a perfect example of the experience Drake students are able to have when they lean into the political hub of the Iowa caucus.

Bulldogs for Booker was started on campus with the goal of getting Booker to Drake. Since then, many students have joined in support for the campaign and they are working hard to bring the candidate to campus. The ad hoc organization is also a great tool to effectively bring people together, provide a community of support, and help students get involved in the caucus.

“I am not sure that the rest of the Democratic primary is going to be a street fight, but we are not going to bring down other campaigns,” Larsen said. “What this campaign really is, is an American fight. He’s [Booker] trying to reunite the country and that will be a fight, it’s not going to go down without one.”

Interested in joining Bulldogs for Booker, learning more about the New Jersey Senator, or filming the sequel to Street Fight? Contact Ireland at