#VoteGriff for President

Posted: January 21, 2016 | By: Iowa Caucus Project Staff Tagged: Blog

From Jim Webb to John Kasich to Pogo Reese, we’ve seen quite a range of candidates this election cycle. While this covers almost the entire spectrum of presidential candidates, one type of candidate is still to be discussed: man’s best friend. Standing at just over 1 foot tall, Griff is one candidate that should not be overlooked.

Griff, a retired show dog, launched his campaign on the morning of the Democratic debate hosted at Drake University on Nov. 14. As the live mascot for the university, Griff couldn’t have thought of a better time to announce than when so much attention was focused on his school. Adored by supporters, 250 limited edition #VoteGriff buttons were distributed by Griff’s campaign staff (and owners) Erin and Kevin Bell.

This isn’t the only Griff merchandise that has surfaced with his candidacy. Raygun, “a printing, design & clothing company owned and operated by extremely attractive Midwesterners,” added a set of Vote Griff shirts to its Iowa Caucuses collection, available at the Des Moines store or online. This came after multiple production requests from the public and Griff himself.


Griff and DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Photo by Zachary Blevins

Griff has also been working to secure key endorsements for his campaign. At a Politics and Pancakes breakfast at Drake, Griff meet Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the chair of the Democratic National Committee. Griff’s owner Erin Bell also said, “He also received endorsements from many prominent members of the local, national, and international media, as they had a chance to meet and talk with him about where he stands on issues the day they were at Drake for the Democratic debate.”

In an effort to boost his campaign, Griff released his first “campaign video,” promoting his candidacy as well as a Drake men’s basketball game.

Though he is new to the political arena, Griff is ready for any competition that comes his way. He has already began scooping out the lesser-known canine candidates to ensure that they don’t impose a threat.

If/when Griff is elected, he plans on focusing on reaching across the aisles to both major parties to enact
real change for Americans. “This is definitely his priority and No. 1 goal during his first term,” Bell said. While Griff has no party affiliation, he feels confident that he is respected and loved universally, so he has no worries when it comes to caucus night. He’s been ready for it since he was a pup.

You can stay up to date with his campaign and daily life on Twitter by following @DrakeUGriff.

IMG_1200Blevins is a junior politics and strategic political communications double major at Drake. He avidly follows Postmodern Jukebox, is a strong proponent of the color orange, and can often be found relaxing in a hammock if it’s a nice day out. Follow him on Twitter.