Play That Funky Music

Posted: January 12, 2016 | By: Iowa Caucus Project Staff Tagged: Blog

Walk-up music. It’s one of those things at a political event that goes unnoticed if chosen well, but can be disastrous if it’s a poor choice. As I’ve been attending political events, I’ve been playing a little game where I try to figure out what the candidate’s walk-on music would be before they actually come out. While some of my predictions are more humorous than strategic, I have gotten pretty close on a few of them. So, here are some of my walk on music predictions and what was actually played on the campaign trail.

John Kasich 

Predicted: Born In The U.S.A. by Bruce Springsteen. When in doubt, always choose Springsteen; you can’t go wrong.

Reality: Shut Up and Dance by Walk The Moon. It’s definitely more modern and upbeat than Springsteen.

Hillary Clinton

Predicted: Following her rally with Katy Perry before the JJ Dinner, it seemed like a solid opportunity to unveil Clinton’s campaign theme song that Perry has agreed to write. However, this prediction was a dud, but Clinton stayed in the same realm.

Reality: Roar by Katy Perry. An obvious choice.

Chris Christie

Predicted: Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue by Toby Keith. Nothing really stood out for me when picking a song for Christie, so I stuck to patriotic themes and this one came out in the wake of 9/11 (which Christie often brings up when talking about his political background).

Reality: Enter Sandman by Metallica. I don’t see a lot of logic behind this one, other than that it has an aggressive sound and most people can recognize the song.

Martin O’Malley

Predicted: The one. The only. Martin O’Malley. I had my fingers crossed that O’Malley would be his own walk on music.

Reality: I’m Shipping Up to Boston by Dropkick Murphys. A nice nod to his Irish roots.

Donald Trump

Predicted: For The Love of Money by The O’Jays. It’s already a part of the Donald Trump brand as the intro song for The Apprentice. I figured that he would go with what he knows.

Reality: Dream On by Aerosmith. This one baffles me. I’m not saying that this song is bad itself, but it’s not exactly the most exhilarating choice out there and it doesn’t quite pump up a crowd, especially when Trump only uses the slow guitar portion at the beginning of the song. Talk about a buzzkill.

IMG_1200Blevins is a junior politics and strategic political communications double major at Drake. He avidly follows Postmodern Jukebox, is a strong proponent of the color orange, and can often be found relaxing in a hammock if it’s a nice day out. Follow him on Twitter.