Trumped in Iowa: The Donald Trump Chronicles

Posted: December 13, 2015 | By: Iowa Caucus Project Staff Tagged: Blog

Donald Trump is constantly weathering the storm of scrutiny from national and local media outlets. The press has fallaciously painted Trump, said his Iowa campaign coordinator Tana Goertz, as a xenophobic and blatantly explosive candidate. Americans across the country remain displeased with Trump’s political discourse concerning immigration and the Muslim population. Trump’s campaign efforts in Iowa aim to reverse his image leading up to the caucuses, while still promoting his radical platform. In an effort to gain rapport with Iowa voters at a town hall meeting on Friday night, the hit Rolling Stones song, “Sympathy for the Devil,” was played several times before Trump took the stage.

Though there is a vast amount of media coverage spanning the Trump campaign on a national level, Iowans have insight to a different sector of the horse race at smaller scale caucus events. Trump’s ground game in Iowa mirrors his character and overall charisma this election cycle, which has resulted in a magic cacophony of support from blue-collar Iowan voters. The voters that attend Trump caucus events develop an understanding and witness first hand the true “Trump experience.”

At a Trump event it is almost guaranteed you will encounter:

I. Donald Trump saying he’s “not a politician.” 


Since the announcement of his candidacy early this summer, Trump has preached his status as a non-politician to voters. This gained traction early on in his campaign as Trump was free from political correctness and separated from the establishment. However, with Ted Cruz now jumping ahead in Iowa pulls, Trump’s charm seems to be wearing off.


II. Protestors and lots of them. 


In response to the tragic Paris attacks, Trump has suggested a barring of Muslims from entering the United States. His proposed reform has evoked a repugnance for the candidate across party lines, yet he remains steadfast on the issue. While he was speaking at the  the Iowa State Fairgrounds on Friday, a protestor was escorted and “booed” off the premises from yelling, “TRUMP’S A RACIST!”


III. “We need to build a wall… and Mexico is going to pay for it” ~ Donald Trump. 


I don’t think America or Mexico is ready for “The Great Wall of Trump” to be erected anytime soon, Donald.




IV. Trump staffers WILL corner you to fill out commit-to-caucus cards.


The Trump campaign practices peer pressure when it comes to getting voters to fill out cards to commit to caucus for Trump. His character continues to be controversial amongst voters, however his ground game in Iowa is relentless and dare I say, impressive.

Disclaimer: all emails and phone numbers will be aggressively collected by Trump organizers, for fear that they will be on the chopping block that Trump’s “The Apprentice” contestants faced if not wholeheartedly collecting voter infomation.

IMG_1221Christopoulos is majoring in politics and broadcast journalism. She was born and raised in San Francisco but had to move to Iowa for sweet corn and caucuses. Follow her on Twitter.