BJ Carson Hangs at Drake

Posted: December 18, 2015 | By: Iowa Caucus Project Staff Tagged: Blog
BJ Carson takes a moment to take a picture with Drake College Republicans.

BJ Carson takes a moment to take a photo with Drake College Republicans. Photo by Logan Kentner.

There were less than 24 hours until the last Drake College Republicans meeting of 2015 when I received the information that Ben Carson’s son would be casually stopping by. Since we are from Iowa, I always expect unordinary things to happen at events, but I never would have expected Ben Carson’s son, BJ (Ben Jr.) Carson, showing up to event that I helped organize. I had no idea what to even expect. Plus, I knew nothing about BJ. Therefore, I did a quick Google search and learned the BJ Carson is a very successful man.

BJ and Carson’s state director arrived 15 minutes early so they could socialize with everyone. BJ talked with a group of students from Drake about anything and everything they wanted. Once the meeting began, BJ stood up to give a speech. However, rather than giving a thought-out and formal speech, he had the crowd ask him questions. At first the questions were simple and personal, then they transitioned to policy questions. He even admitted that some of his personal policy solutions are different from his father’s. Then he proceeded to ask about what his father would be able to do to win us over. Because of the awkwardness of the situation, no one in particular wanted to ask that question. Therefore, BJ called on several different people in order to get his question answered.

Drake College Republicans questions BJ Carson.

TheDrake College Republicans questions BJ Carson. Photo by Logan Kenter.

The most interesting part of this event was how relaxed and down to earth BJ was. He did not give the impression that he was attempting to sell his dad to us. Regardless, he did a great job of doing just that. Having family members take part in the presidential campaign can be very beneficial because they can get more close and personal with a small group of people. Basically, they serve as a close substitute. For example, Ben Carson himself does not have time, nor is it worth his time, to talk to a group of 15 college students, his son does have time. It is definitely an effective campaign strategy.

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