The Top Nine Things You Didn’t Know About Drake

Posted: November 16, 2015 | By: Iowa Caucus Project Staff Tagged: Blog

1. The surprising lack of public restrooms. In meetings with CBS, Twitter, and Yahoo!, the amount of times that the bathroom situation came up was astonishing. But when you think about it, one-two public restrooms seem to be the standard for our buildings. Old Main/Sheslow: three restrooms, men’s and women’s rooms in the basement and a single women’s restroom on the top floor.

Photo by Haley Barbour.

This painting is worth about $2.5 million. Photo by Haley Barbour.

2. The painting in upper Olmsted is worth a lot of money, around $2.5 million. The mural is entitle The Cowles Foundation commissioned Stuart Davis to paint it as a gift for Drake in 1945. Since then it has been loaned out to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

3. There is no way to change the lights in Cartwright Hall. Apparently the LED lights that were put in when Cartwright was built are supposed to last the lifetime of the building. If they go out there is physically no way to get a cherry picker onto the second floor to reach the high ceilings in Kern Commons.

4. Olmsted is a crisis management center. If disaster strikes Des Moines, local businesses have contracts to come to Olmsted to operate. The building is equipped with its own electricity, wi-fi source, and emergency heating and cooling system.

5. Sedexo uses pre-made circular pancakes only. In response to questions about some politically themed pancake shapes, this bit of information came to light.

Photo by Matt Miller.

Students walk through the Olmsted tunnels. Photo by Matt Miller.

6. There are a series of underground tunnels connecting Olmsted and Hubble. When lower Olmsted was a dinning hall the tunnels were used to bring food from Hubble over. Today they are used for storage and easy access for Sedexo employees when events need catering.

7. The Secret Service knows they’re way around. Between the first lady’s and the vice president’s visits, they have had plenty of time to get to know Drake’s campus.

8. Chalking is an extremely interesting topic to the huge media organizations putting on events on campus. Apparently people do not chalk the sidewalks of New York and Washington D.C. to advertise events.

Drake students on the debate stage. Photo by Jackie Heymann.

Drake students on the debate stage. Photo by Jackie Heymann.

9. Drake is an extremely politically involved campus. Maybe you knew this one. But come on, this is the fourth national debate that Drake has hosted. This caucus season we have already had three presidential candidates visit, with three more on their way. We have also had first lady Michelle Obama and Vice President Joe Biden on campus in the last year. Des Moines is certainly a strategic location, but there is no doubt Drake is making a name for itself.

IMG_1213Barbour is a junior political science and international relations double major at Drake. She spent last semester abroad in Amman, Jordan, studying Arabic and Middle Eastern politics. Follow her on Twitter.