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‪The Iowa Caucus Project spent a week showcasing Drake students in a social media campaign using #ImNotIntoPoliticsBut. Those who participated represent a wide variety of students on Drake’s campus. All of their majors are outside of political science, yet all of their future careers are affected by decisions made in Washington. This campaign was aimed at getting Drake students excited about the upcoming political events on Drake’s campus and the caucuses in general. Here is how all of these students’ responded:

After the campaign ended, I sat down with a handful of the students to ask them why they choose to participate and why they think this campaign was important. Their responses varied, but overall they all thought the campaign helped them solidify their own thinking of the upcoming caucuses.

Mary Jo Elder talked about her passion for healthcare. She wants to be a pharmacist because of this passion. “I care about people being able to afford their medication and about pharmacist being able to do their jobs more effectively,” she said. She thinks the #ImNotIntoPoliticsBut campaign was important because healthcare is not talked about in the detail it should be during caucus season.

Mia Rush said she participated in the campaign because “although I’m not into politics, pun completely intended, I think what is happening in the political world is important to my future.” As a journalism major, Rush noted her dedication to honesty, transparency, and the truth. She wants to make sure that the person elected to be our next president embodies all of these principles.

Richie Serrano said that he is sick of young people being overlooked in elections. S“We may not vote as much as other age groups, but we are the future of this country. The decisions made today will affect us a lot longer than any of the candidates,” he said. Serrano thinks that campaigns like #ImNotIntoPoliticsBut show candidates that we should be paid attention, too.

Jared Freemon said he was excited to participate in a campaign that encourages people to get involved in politics. He said that our elected officials affect our lives if we vote or not, so why not use our say? Freemon said participating is “especially important in Iowa because we have this extreme advantage as students in this political climate to get the candidates to listen to us.”

Photos by Katie Ramsey. 

IMG_1213Barbour is a junior political science and international relations double major at Drake. She spent last semester abroad in Amman, Jordan, studying Arabic and Middle Eastern politics. Follow her on Twitter.