Drake University Students on RNC Debate

Posted: October 29, 2015 | By: Iowa Caucus Project Staff Tagged: Blog

Trump Fails to Back Up Misogynist Slurs with Anti-woman Proposals, Rivals Say

In the spirit of tonight’s Republican debate, I had the pleasure to sit down with four involved Drake Republicans. With this being the third debate, these students know exactly what they want to see from the various contenders as well their candidate of choice. There is presently much speculation as to what will unfold during tonight’s debate, especially with so many republicans still in the race. Though many candidates remain, the party is amid a heated rivalry between Ben Carson and Donald Trump. In an effort to shed some light on the tonight’s event, Drake students Katie Allen (junior; Politics and LPS), Nolan Bursch (sophomore; Politics, History, and International Relations), Sadie Hedge (sophomore; Public Relations and Strategic Political Communications), and Jacob Hession (junior, LPS and Philosophy) give their debate forecast.


Question: What will take place in the Trump vs. Carson debate?

Allen: “I think it will be interesting to see the shift in Trumps speeches, if any. Only because he has led his campaign this far by essentially saying ‘I’m winning, so of course I’d do well.’ But now that he is behind I wonder how that will impact his debate strategy.”

Bursch: “Donald Trump is an area of contention. As Carson’s poll numbers creep higher, and in the case of a recent Des Moines Register poll actually surpass Trumps support in the state of Iowa, Trump will increasingly attack Carson. To date Carson has managed to combat Trumps cacophony with grace. It remains to be seen if Carson has the patience and disposition to deal with Trump in the coming months.”


Question: How do you believe other candidates will factor into tonight’s debate?

Hession: “I hope to see some of the mainline candidates like Bush and Rubio have a really good showing to balance out the more extreme candidates.”

Bursch: “Bush may be reaching a ‘make or break’ point in his campaign. As Bush attempts to change things up in as a last minute attempt to regain support in polling, he is increasingly prone to error. Also, those who speak out against Trump, lose big; as seen in the case of Gov. Rick Perry.”


Question: Which issues do you hope to will be discussed by candidates?

Hedge: “Personally, I am always curious as to what they have to say about foreign policy.”

Allen: “I am hopeful they will touch on issues they didn’t touch on in the last debate – education/college tuition and further on climate change.”


We all have our predictions as to how tonight’s events will play out. Iowa conservatives wait eagerly for the series of affairs that will transpire during the RNC debate.




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