Drake University: Caucus Central

Posted: October 19, 2015 | By: Iowa Caucus Project Staff Tagged: Blog

No matter where you live, if you’re politically inclined and read a newspaper, watch TV or spend time on a computer each day, you likely saw some representation of Drake University this week.

First was the Democrats’ nationally televised debate Tuesday when a Drake law student asked the candidates about #BlackLivesMatter. After the debate, Huffington Post reporter Samantha-Jo Roth conducted a focus group of Drake students.

The day after the debate, CBS reporter Nancy Cordes did her stand-up outside of Drake’s Old Main. Oh, and Republican candidate Rand Paul visited campus that day, too.

To finish the week off, Drake got some love from The Washington Post:

Not to mention, Yahoo! announced Tuesday that a Katie Couric-led conference will descend on Drake on Nov. 12. (Get your Ricky Bobby references out of the way now.) Oh yeah, there’s that thing on Nov. 14 as well.

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