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During a visit to Drake University Law School, ex-Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum stressed the need for a return to a more traditional America. The America he is referring to is one depicted in TV sitcoms we all know and love such as Leave it to Beaver and The Brady Bunch, where times were simple and the American family was strong. In several instances during Santorum’s speech he referred to the “nuclear” family, which generally paints a picturesque image of a married couple and their children. Santorum assured Drake students that if Americans aim for a society that idolizes the nuclear family, the problems that plague our country, such as lack of opportunity and low performance in schools, can be solved.
While Santorum’s views may not appeal to everyone, he does have substantial support along party lines. When speaking at Drake, Santorum was faced with a diverse crowd of not just Republicans, but a considerable amount of liberals. While plenty of Republicans were in accordance with this potential nominee, many liberals (and even a few conservatives) were left baffled by some of Santorum’s remarks. An undergrad student sitting behind me even let out an involuntary, “Did he really just say that?”

From that point on a new Twitter hashtag was born — #ThingsSantorumSays.

As an avid Twitter connoisseur, I was inclined to engage in this social media unpacking of the Santorum psyche, but they say a gif is worth a thousand words…

#1: When Santorum said, “Family is the fundamental building block of society. It is fractured, it is hurting, and it is hurting children the most.”






#2: “There are some things we can do on welfare policy, on margins, but most of it has to be done in our churches, and our schools, and our communities, and our businesses, and our families, and our churches.”









#3: When asked if men and women should have equal pay and Santorum has a long hesitation before saying yes…








#4: “There isn’t a big pay disparity when you factor in all the other factors of women in the work place.”






#5: “Same-sex marriage is not consistent with natural Law.”







#6: Authors Note:







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