What to Expect From the Campaign Trail

Posted: July 9, 2015 | By: Iowa Caucus Project Staff Tagged: Blog

Every four years, Iowa takes the political spotlight.  Presidential candidates trek across the state and meet Iowans.  They visit small town diners, VFW halls, local businesses, and school gymnasiums.  They take questions and hone their messages; they confront the issues and hear the stories of average voters in the Hawkeye state.

When the media organizations come to town, they generally turn their camera toward the candidates and start rolling.  If you’re not an Iowan, you’re likely to wonder what all the fuss is about.  Every shot seems to have hay bales and corn stalks – and sound bites from the candidate are followed by talking heads in Washington or New York or Atlanta.  It looks like a standard political campaign, constrained to the borders of a flyover midwestern state.

But the Iowa caucus is not just about wholesale nba jerseys candidates.  And it’s not National just about talking points.

The Iowa caucus is about real people and real communities.  A genuine appreciation of the caucuses requires an understanding of the with state and it’s people.  We’re not all farmers, and we’re not all white; Iowans bring diverse perspectives, partisan affiliations, and issue concerns to the 101 process.  We’re not passive participants waiting for the talking heads to make sense of our presidential candidates for us.  We are the caucus-goers, and we take that role seriously.

That means we go to events (we may even host candidate events) and meet our would-be presidents face-to-face.  We often encounter presidential contenders in our neighborhoods as they By visit our businesses, our local watering holes, and our farmers markets.  We care about issues facing the nation and we have the opportunity to ask questions of our political leaders.  Iowa is a state where retail politics is alive and well.  It’s not about money and TV ads, it’s about real conversations and interactions.  It’s a remarkable thing to experience.

But if you’ve never lived in Iowa, you likely have no idea how special it is.

To tell the story of the Iowa Karasch, caucus, this blog will allow wholesale jerseys new caucus-goers to provide first-hand accounts of their experiences getting to know the people and places that cheap jerseys define the Iowa political environment.  They will surely write about the candidates, but they will also endeavor to provide context in their own voices.  And they’ll provide photos, video, Not and audio from events — even when the national media isn’t there.

The blog will heat up in the fall, but keep an eye out for periodic early dispatches from the Saute campaign trail.